Weeknotes 9

  • Nerve pain in my wrists has mostly gone away, replaced by a familiar residual ache caused by over-exercise. At least I’m in familiar territory now and can stop googling for new and highly specific stretches and exercises that make me look quite silly.

  • I enjoy checking this fun little lockdown countdown to freedom.

  • The start of the 2021 Formula 1 season is nearly here! Last year saw the Australian GP being cancelled just hours before it was due to start, the strongest sign yet of just how serious things were becoming. A week later, Bojo plunged the UK into the first national lockdown. It seems fitting that it’s almost exactly a year later we seem set for a season that’ll be practically back to normal, although it hasn’t been without an issue or two.

    Of course, a new season wouldn’t be the same without the highly-anticipated new season of Drive to Survive. Just 12 days to go!