Weeknotes 6

  • So I tried out AllPlants on a friends' recommendation this week, and a few days ago was the lucky recipient of six frozen vegan ready meals. As I negotiated them into the freezer like some lockdown themed version of the knapsack problem, I slid back the sleeve on each one to inspect the contents. If the cardboard packaging didn’t tell me what was in each one, I’d have had no chance of sorting my ‘Spiced Aubergine Tagine’ from my ‘Thai Green Curry’. Each was a small, indistinguishable mass of frosted greenish-brown stuff.

    The portion size turned out not to be a problem. I found almost all the meals impossible to finish except for the ‘Smoky Soul Chilli’, which at best was an average (and expensive) version of literally any old bean chilli recipe.

    I find it hard to believe these meals persuade many people to reduce animal products in their diet.

  • I’ve recently added some quality coffee scales to my espresso setup. Whilst they aren’t quite the "best of gear" like this $250 set, they are slim (so fit under the portafilter with a reasonably sized mug underneath), look pretty good, and charge via USB-C. They’re accurate to 0.1g and have a built-in timer, making it easy to simultaneously watch the time and weight without faffing around with a stopwatch.

  • I attended my first ticketed ‘gig’ in over a year last night, tuning in to watch a pre-recorded live performance of Mogwai’s new album, ‘As The Love Continues’. The show was excellent. Particular highlights were ‘Drive The Nail’, and ‘Ceiling Granny’ (only partly for the title). The next morning my calendar reminded me of the upcoming (and now very much cancelled) gig at the Roundhouse this coming Wednesday, the tickets for which I bought way back in 2019.

  • I’ve started looking forward to writing these notes. They make me feel productive on a Sunday, and less uncomfortable about achieving very little at the weekends.